Living Toad Free Overcoming Resistence to Motovation
By Dan Bobinski & Dennis Rader
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Welcome to the Toad Free Network!

The Toad Free Network is here as a resource of professionals who help people eliminate Toads. 

Each of the professionals or professional organizations listed here provided us with references and credentials, or we would not list them. However, we want to emphasize that, as with all professional assistance, you should check out these resources for yourself.  Even though we have provided an initial screening, we cannot guarantee the abilties of each resource to help you eliminate your Toads.   Neither Leadership Development, Inc., nor authors Dan Bobinski or Dennis Rader can be held liable for any advice provided by these resources.  Again - be diligent to get references for yourself, as you would for any professional assistance.  

May you be Toad Free!

Click on the resource links below to find out more about each one:

Do you really think you can get rid of me?
Leadership Development, Inc.Based in Boise, Idaho. Specializes in Mangement Development Programs, DISC, Conflict Resolution, Teambuilding ... more.
Executive Insight Development GroupBased in Salt Lake City, Utah - Specializing in one-on-one coaching for managers and executives.
Greg Sigerson ConsultingBased in Pocatello, Idaho - Specializing in one-on-one coaching and sales training.
If you are a coach, therapist, psychologist, or part of a company that helps people or organizations lose their Toads and you would like to be listed on the Toad Free Network, send us an email and tell us about yourself (be sure to include a contact phone number!).  We will be back in touch with you, explain our screening and listing procedures, and explore the possibility of having you listed on the Toad Free Network!

Want more info? Call the Toad Free Hotline: (208) 375-7606