Living Toad Free Overcoming Resistence to Motovation
By Dan Bobinski & Dennis Rader
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The Authors

Dan Bobinski, M.Ed., CPBA

Dan Bobinski, M.Ed., CPBA 
email: dan [at] workplace-excellence [dot] com

Dan Bobinski is a training specialist and an accomplished keynote speaker. As president of Leadership Development, Inc., and the Center for Workplace Excellence, he's been providing workforce and management training to Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller, regional concerns for more than 18 years.

In addition to being a certified behavioral analyst, Dan holds an M.Ed. in Human Resource Training and Development He is currently completing his doctoral work is in Adult and Organizational Learning at the University of Idaho.

Specializing now in Train the Trainer workshops and The Manager as Trainer classes, Dan's philosophy is that managers also must think like trainers, equipping their teams with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed for workplace excellence.  (He also posts regularly at the Workplace Excellence Blog)

Dennis Rader, Ed.D.

Dennis R. Rader, Ed.D. 

We are sorry to report that Dennis R. Rader passed away in February of 2013. Our dear friend and associate will be sorely missed.

Dennis Rader held a doctorate in education from the University of Massachusetts and a bachelor's degree in psychology from Oberlin College.  He wrote the first doctoral dissertation in the United States on the subject of personal integrity. Dennis was a consultant, author, storyteller, and college professor who specialized in dropout prevention (both in schools and in corporations), and he wrote extensively on postmodern philosophy in education.

Loved by many, Dennis passed away in his home state of Kentucky in February of 2013. A scholarship is being established in his name.

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